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IKEA Wall Picture Frame Designs

Modern Violet Bedroom with IKEA Photo Frame Decorations

IKEA knows how to create beautiful and functional designs, and that extends to picture frames as well. They offer a wide variety of photo and picture frames for walls, so here’s some of their choices, designs and concepts you can pick from.

Galley Glam: Hanging framed pictures from a straight line turns your stairway into a small exhibition.

Playful Lineup: Grouping different sized pictures creates simple symmetry. Paired with decoration stickers your walls can easily become both personal and playful.

Mixed Montage: Mixing different sized framed drawings and paintings and placing them from a straight line is a great way of creating a personal collage look.

Decorating the lower half of a wall offers a fun, unexpected expression. Using one large picture frame is an easy and effective way of creating an impressive statement.

Personal Pieces: Framing photos and pictures is a classic way of decorating your home. As time goes by you  can grow the collection and make it more personal.

Pleasing Proportions: Hanging pictures at the same height may seem simple, but it also creates an eye-catching, less-is-more look.

Flexible Gallery: Fort art in constant movement, choose a picture ledge and get the freedom to add, change and rearrange as often as you’d like.

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