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Pretty Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Artistic Painting

In order to renovate her small house, my cousin asked me to accompany her to consult with a professional interior designer. We arrived at a huge house where the interior designer lives. Finally, we meet a man regarded as interior designer, and he invites to show us his innovative living spaces inside. What strikes me most is the kitchen designed in luxurious flair. Tile Kitchen Backsplash in white seems so sleek. It matches very well with kitchen cabinets crafted in vintage style.

Bright Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Light kitchen backsplash can make a kitchen so shiny. The one I visited had kitchen corner layered with marble and modern stove. Two pendant lamps hanging on ceiling illuminate this kitchen optimally. Kitchen island made of wood and marble is equipped with stainless steel basin and faucet. Modern kitchen appliances are mostly hidden away in kitchen cabinets. Kitchen countertop also has flashy and luxury look due to marble.

Apparently this kitchen is quite spacious. On kitchen countertop, there are three barstools made of wood with high gloss finish. Wooden barstools are appropriate with wooden floor in this kitchen. I was surprised to see a few of these large kitchen cabinets used for book storage. According to the owner, since he had extra space, why not.

Imaginative Painting

Among his most impressive works was another white kitchen full of artistic decoration. Artistic kitchen I saw was painted with innovative embellishes with white backsplash. It featured modern white kitchen cabinets with a dash of futuristic touch. Cabinets also featured colorful handles which I thought was a beautiful detail.

White barstools were placed in front of a white kitchen countertop. Kitchen island, basin and faucet are polished in white for bright view.

Be sure to go through the gallery below for some impressive kitchen designs.

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