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Ideas For Pink Rooms

Pink wall room with multi color couch

Using pink in any room in your house can be a huge disaster but if you do it right it can come off very clean and sleek. Some people say that pink is a girly color and they would often be right…BUT, it is possible to use pink subtly and have a very handsome room.

The secret is to use pink very sparingly. If you have pink walls, pink bed, pink couch pink carpet, and pink everything then yes, you can destroy the look of your home. Most of the time pink is a great color for a kids room (usually a girl) and this color can really compliment a children room in that matter. Pink is also a great color for an item or piece of furniture that you would like to stand out and contrast with the rest of a room.

Some of the pink designs we’re showcasing today definitely don’t use pink in moderation, but if you’re a fan of the color you may be in for a treat. Somehow many of these designs manage to make the color work even when used too much. Check out these amazing pink interior design ideas and get inspired for your next home project to see how to decorate a pink bedroom or bathroom.

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