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21 Interior Lighting Ideas

California interior natural light

Interior lighting is important for your home because it can make a huge difference in how your wall color, furniture, etc. looks. If you have a very dark room, it will have a colder sleeker feel. While if you have a very bright room with bright colors, it will have a warmer feel.

Interior lighting designs can be classified in several different categories. You can have natural lighting in your house provided by windows and doors. You can also get interior lighting fixtures and lamps to increase the lighting in your home as well.

There are many types of interior lighting fixtures like:

  • Free standing lighting
  • Fixed lighting
  • Special purpose lighting
  • Solar lighting
  • Natural lighting

Light fixtures can be put almost anywhere inside your house depending on which light type you use. Lamps and free-standing lighting are great for end tables, coffee tables, and desk. On the other hand fixed lighting is usually built within the house and includes types like:

  • recessed lighting
  • Surface mounted lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Sconce
  • Troffer
  • Track lighting
  • Pendant light

To get some great ideas on interior lighting be sure to take a look at our high quality images in the gallery.


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