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21 Stunning Pool Designs

We all know that pool is the most wanted piece in any house. Having a pool cools you off in the summer months and if you live in a part of the world that is hot year round, then having one is almost a necessity.  Having a pool at your home can be a lot of hard work and upkeep but can increase your houses value tremendously. A pool is a great way to keep the family and friends entertained and can give you hours of fun and entertainment.

Designing a pool for your home depends on your house structure and how much space you have in your backyard for a pool area. There are many shapes and sizes of pools as you can see in the pictures, but hey even a small pool is a pool. A lot of modern homes like to use a square or rectangle pool which makes the architecture of the house really pop.

Many pool designs come pre-built when purchasing a modern home, but sometimes people decide that they want to add one themselves. There are a few things to remember when you are going too create a pool in your home or backyard:

  • How big will the pool be?
  • Will the pool be square, round, oval, etc?
  • How deep do you want the pool to be?
  • Is there going to be a slide or diving board?
  • Will the pool be fenced off too keep kids/intruders out?
  • How much room you have to work with in your backyard?

If you can figure out the answers to all of these questions about building a pool, you will be well on your way to having the house everyone wants to come hang out at in the summer time! In the meantime be sure to get some inspiration with a few fantastic pool designs in our gallery.

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