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Tips for Designing Kid’s Rooms

Cool kids room design ideas

While designing kids room it is vital to keep in mind his or her likes and dislikes. Children spend a lot of time in their rooms either studying, playing and watching cartoons. So, the first step is always to talk with your kids in order to know about their likes regarding colors, pictures and about hobbies. All these things will help you a lot in carving the room in a better way. After doing proper research, some of the tips for decorating kid’s room are mentioned below!

You must choose bright colors for wall paintings and there is also an age old therapy which suggests that pink for girls and blue for boys are the best colors. So, if you are facing shortage of creative ideas then you can surely use one of these classic colors. Some of the other colors that you can use in kid’s room include sea green and a blend of blue and white. For the ceiling of the room you can use different paintings such as solar system, sky with the stars and any cartoon character or animation.

For bed sheets and pillows and curtains, you must choose prints that either have flowers or have some kind of geometrical patterns. For example, you can choose prints with places, alphabets, seven world wonders and different geometrical patterns. It is always advisable not to use any glass items in children room. Instead of these items decorate it with the help of toys, soft toys or storage, and with childish furniture. Make sure to leave enough free space in the room to help in avoiding potential accidents that can occur by hitting the furniture. You can also use a carpet but place it in a small space where your kid can sit and enjoy games.

Walls can be decorated with the help of sticky notes and posters that reminds your kid about some basic etiquette. Similarly, you can also decorate your kid’s bathroom and you can use curtains in it and arrange different materials like shampoo, tooth paste and brush in such a way that a kid finds it interesting. You can also hang posters in bathroom that give messages about brushing teeth and washing hands.

In short, children’s rooms can have a great impact on their personality and it is important to decorate it according to their preferences. For further inspiration make sure you glance through our gallery for a few great kids room designs.

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