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15 Amazing Fireplaces

Modern living room fireplace

Well, unfortunately winter is just around the corner. With the leaves starting to fall and the cold brisk air coming in, its time to fix up that fireplace and get it ready for the long cold nights of the winter.

The fireplace is a huge center piece of your living room. Living rooms with fireplaces can really make your room stand out among others as it is a fixed furniture piece that attracts a lot of the attention to the room.

Gas or wood fireplace?

The fireplace is usually either gas or wood. Wood fireplaces are great because you can control the heat you want to put off. If you want to generate a lot of heat you can just use more wood. On the downside you must always have wood available and you are messing with uncontrolled fire which can cause house fires and other dangerous incidents.

With a gas fireplace, its as simple as turning a key and the fireplace is on. This can be great for families with kids who want to make their home safer for the young ones.  The only con with the gas fireplace is that it doesn’t heat as much. Gas fireplaces are often just aesthetic and you cannot turn the amount of gas up or down, meaning it may not warm your room as much as you would like.

Where to put a fireplace?

The fireplace can be just in the living room or in multiple rooms. If your fireplace extends to multiple rooms in your house, it’s not uncommon for the master bedroom to have one in it.

Fireplaces are also great decorative tools for living rooms. You can place a TV above it for a more cozy look, or decorate it with pictures of your family and friends. If you’re looking to prepare for winter while also having an immensely welcome home decorative item, do consider a fireplace. A few fantastic designs in our gallery will surely give you plenty of ideas.

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