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Interior Design Trends – Embroidery


Natural Touch

With user based websites such as Etsy, many new trends have been introduced in interior designs. Jewelry, pottery and many other industries are now embracing the natural touch with hand-made designs. Embroidery is one such craft that is being embraced all over as per drapery in interior design.

Embroidery is now even seen in highly successful online stores such as Anthropology and Forever 21. Large scale knitted fabric for tables or even used as drapes for your room are now the trend. These are all often very intricate and meticulously designed by highly skilled individuals. This in itself creates a very homely impression if you want to go for a traditional look.

Even those who prefer modernistic home furnishings can opt for the very stylish knit-wear available at various interior design stores. Embroidery is definitely making a huge comeback, so be sure to consider it in your next redecorating project.

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