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Beautiful Luxurious Hotel in Thailand

If you still wonder how it feels to live and have a vacation on a private island, you should try visiting Indigo Pearl, a luxurious hotel located in Phuket Thailand. This hotel promises the kind of holiday you will never forget for the rest of your life. Combining the exotic scenery views only found in Thailand and its beautifully designed interior, this hotel is able to give you an experience you will most certainly regret if you miss. Luckily for me, some distant relative owns the hotel and she lets me visit the amazing hotel whenever I visit Thailand.

Heaven on Earth Theme in a Luxurious Hotel

Here are some pictures I took when I was still there, having my short vacation with my parents. This 5-star luxurious hotel really is wonderful. Not only is the place wonderful, the management and service is amazing too! The place has a heaven on earth-like atmosphere, some kind of lost paradise since it combines natural views with some modern hints. Some pools are available there, decorated with some kind of lost island theme and coconut trees (yes, those coconut trees are real). I just wanted to spend more time there, lounging and swimming in blue-green water. The place is very beautiful and with the right combination of decorations, it looks even better.

The place looks like as if located in a deep forest, and there is a bridge connecting one part of hotel to another part. The place is decorated like jungle and there are leaves here and there. With such interesting decoration, people will want to spend long time just to wander around the hotel. This luxurious hotel has a bar with waiting lounge too. These rooms are decorated with some hints of modern sense of style. Even though the hotel’s bar and lounge has modern themes, it still has something interesting about it: lamp and perfect mixture of decoration and colors.

Different Means of Entertainment in Luxurious Hotel

As for personal space like rooms, this hotel offers a more sophisticated view of modern combined with natural-themed room and decorations. With earth-themed colors, bedrooms are decorated also with modern furniture and elements that represent nature. Such elements are: wooden floor, wooden ceiling, partial wooden wall above bedhead, and some ornaments that are impressive enough just to look at. Indigo Pearl 5-star luxurious hotel in Phuket offers a different sense of hotel-entertainment for its guests, and I highly recommend a visit.

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